10 ways to get traffic on your blog

1- Make your Presence in Social Media: Register for social media websites like: – facebook and twitter to get mare traffic on your blog. You can also make a facebook page of your blog.

This method will help you to get traffic from social media websites.

Some other social networking websites are: – stubleupon, pinterest, instagram.


2- Concentrate on the topic of your blog: Your blog doesn’t have to be from edible things to engineering, it must have a concentrated topic on which you will make content only related to the main topic of your blog.

3- Make you own content and be unique: Do not copy and paste from other blogs/websites to your blog. If you are doing this give the proper credit of this to the author of the content. But i will also say you that making your own content will help you a lot. And the all credit is yours.

4- Select the best theme for your blog: After content making we are going to discuss about the look of our blog. Do you think looks are also important for your blog? Yes of course the looks of the blog are very important to drive traffic to your blog. Choose a neat and clean theme for you blog. Which also looks unique.

5- It is not necessary to post regularly: You can see that many of the people said that “posting regularly will increse your blog traffic” but as i thought this is not important to post regularly. You can also make a schedule for posting on your blog. It is really perfect to post on 3-4 days of the weak because the big thing in blogging is quality than quantity.

6- Google Adwords: Google adwords is a very good way to drive traffic to your blog. It is a paid text advertisement for your product/blog. I can drive a lots of traffic to your blog.

google adwords

7-  Sign in for Google analytics: Let you know your audience with the help of Google Analytics.


8- Make a XML Sitemap of your blog to make your blog searched by search engines: By a making a sitemap you can drive more traffic on your blog because the web crawlers and web bots will index your website on search engine. Like: – Google, yahoo etc.


9- Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Make sure that your blog is indexed by the famous search engines which are Google and yahoo. Because if your blog is indexed in Google or Yahoo you will get much more traffic on your blog.

Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying Glass

10- Join Blogging Communities: Join blogging communities to meet bloggers which are interested in your blog and meet some bloggers which are also blogging on the related topic of your blog. By this you can make much more traffic on your blog.

In blogging you have to be patience to get traffic on your blog, do not concentrate on traffic, just concentrate on making good content for your blog followers and for your new blog visitors. All over the tricks I’ve mentioned above will help you a lot to drive traffic on your blog.


How to make a blog and make money from it in blogger

Steps to make a blog on blogger.com


1- Make a fresh, new account on gmail to get started.

2- Now go to https://blogger.com. Click on New Blog.

3- Make a title for it. It has to be unique and tell a very much about content in the website/blog in few words.

4- Make a blog name, for example: – davindersingh.blogspot.com.

5- Select a good, neat and clean theme for your website/blog.

6- Purchase a domain name like: – davindersingh.com or davindersingh.in etc or you can also continue with your free name. But the domain name is important because.

7- Start making posts to your website/ blog. To make good posts, Read How to create good content for your blog.

How to make money by your blog

Now, we are going to know how to make money with the help of your blog. To make money with your blog you can use Adsense. In Adsense you have to apply for it and then they will check your content and then accept/decline your application.

So, before we start. I want to tell you that, “get paid by making blog” doesn’t mean to start making thausands of bucks in a few time but If you have the right content on your blog you can start making money. But also don’t like very much money in a small time, you have to be patient.

My way of getting accepted from Google Adsense

google adsense

1- Go to https://youtube.com. Sign in with the help of email ID and password of your Gmail account because The owner of youtube is also Google.

2- Upload any video to your youtube channel.

3- Monetize it. Know how to monetize a video on youtube.

4- After two hours your application may be accepted. If not wail for some more time for Google’s feedback to you.

5- To know what’s the feedback Check your Gmail Inbox.

6- Now to start making money from your blog, Go to: – https://blogger.com.

7- From the dashboard, go to the option “earnings” Now, “sign up for google adsense and again wait for feedback from Google.

8- Again check the Inbox of your Gmail account. Are you accepted or not? Please tell me this with your feedback.

Tips and Tricks to make good content for your Blog and How to get more traffic to your Blog



Now, The first step to make a blog is to select a right topic for it. It will be on a concentrated topic not like it is from daily life to scientific facts. So select a unique topic for your Blog.


To make your blogging successful do not copy and paste the content from one website to yours. Make your own content. Maybe it will be not big in quantity but it have to be big in quality.


Your blog should not have filled with only images and images or only text and text you should have to make content which has images, videos and text but it has to be in limits, use more text than images.


Your blog should look neat and Clean. Just thought that if you have opened a website and it have a dark yellow background with white text and it has lots of pages and buttons. What would you do? You may be close the website without reading it. Read tips to make blog/website look neat and clean.




Make your presence in social media websites, Like: – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. You can make your fan page on Facebook to get more visitors on your blog by connecting your Facebook Page to blog. For more see How to make a fb fan page and connecting with your blog. On twitter you can tweet your posts to twitter.

google adwords

A very good way to get traffic is Google Adwords. In this case you can place a word advertisement for your website but it is a paid advertisement because we have to lose something to get something. It will be shown to operators of Google. So, Google will send very good amount of traffic to your Blog/website.

Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying Glass

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) be sure that search engines like, Google and Yahoo show your website in their Search results. Learn more about Search Engine Optimization. What to do to make them index your blog.


Do not get paid traffic (fake traffic) or fake likers. Getting paid likes or paid visitors is not your real success and it’s a cheating, and just believe me that you can get more visitors, likers and followers by doing hard work on your content. So do hard work to get visitors do not make paid visitors.




You must have a visitor counter on your blog/website. To let your visitors know how many page views your blog/website is getting.


A button to like you on facebook and a button to follow you on twitter. To know more read How to make the buttons of facebook and twitter: – for Facebook and Twitter.


How to gift a free download (e-book, music etc) to your all new subscribers

There are many tips and tricks to get more subscribers. One of them is to gift a free download like an E-book to your subscribers. So, today I will show you how to gift a free download to your upcoming/ new subscribers.

You have to upload the gift like an e-book to a file hosting website and keep the link to download it. I will recommend you: – www.mediafire.com to upload your gift file.

Now register your ID on www.sendloop.com

After registering to sendloop.com, go to the Subscribers page.

Create a new list.

Go to the website forms of your list, here you can see the subscription flow.

Now you have to modify these pages as you want: –

1) Subscription form.

2) Subscription Confirmation Page is all O.K.

3) Subscription confirmation email.

4) Subscription success page is all O.K.

5) Welcome email.

1- Subscription form: – With the help of this page you will connect your blog to the subscription form. Now, see the steps carefully: –

1) Customize it as you wish.

2) Save it and reopen it.

3) Click on “put a Subscription button to your website”.

4) Copy the HTML code below to your website and tweak it to fit your needs.

5) Now open http://www.blogspot.in.

6) From your dashboard go to Layout.

7) Select Add a Gadget.

8) Select the gadget: – HTML/Java Script.

9) Give a title like Subscribe us or Subscribe to “your website”.

10) In the content box paste the HTML code.

Save it.

2- Subscription confirmation email: – To set up the subscription confirmation page steps are as follows: –

1) Set a sender name and an email address.

2) After %Link: Confirm%, you can add a line like: – “you will shortly receive the link to download the free e-book based on card tricks revealed.

subs. comf. email

3- Welcome e-mail: – Now, this is the final step and the final e-mail to your subscribers and it contains the link to your free gift download. The steps to set up the welcome email page are as follows: –

1) Check the box “Send welcome e-mail to the recipient after subscription process is completed”.

2) Set a sender name and an e-mail address.

3) And after “Thanks for _ _ _ _ _ from you”. You have to add the link (that you have kept in the starting, to download your gift) to download the free e-book that you have promised.

welcome email